Water Pumps

·       Grundfos dealers

·       Other brands also available DAB, Onga, Davies etc

·       Service all makes and models

·       Each branch carry’s a range of loan pumps

·       Stock includes a variety of pump sizes and pricing

·       Sometimes second hand pumps available

·       Pressure tanks- domestic and commercial

·       Wide range of spare parts- including for ’bulldozer’ pumps

·       Experienced staff for prescribing the correct pump, for the correct situation/ environment.

·       Consider the following when looking at a new pump:

  • How much water/flow do I need?
  • How much pressure do I want?
  • What application am I using it for?
  • Controller type?
  • What power supply available?
  • What is the water source?
  • Height difference between source and pump stations?
  • How far and high is the water being pumped?
  • What pipe size are you using?